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Simply put ActiveKids Play Space is a large space for children to play in!

Nothing fancy, no instruction or scheduled programme, just good old fashioned space and uninterupted time to play. Designed with children 2 years and over in mind.

With a strong learning through play philosophy, ActiveKids Play Space provides pre schoolers with a spacious indoor environment and an assortment of basic equipment for them to explore.

Children who are provided with open ended opportunities to explore their body and how it moves will develop healthy motor skills as they challenge themselves and learn to take risks, stimulating their senses, improving their strength, safety awareness, flexibility and balance.

Play Space is open to the public Monday – Thursday from 9am – 11am.
THE LAB, Rimu Business Park, Rimu Street, Strandon, New Plymouth
$5 per visit or $45 for a 10 Play Concession Card.


Preschoolers at Jumpstart

Preschoolers enrolled at Jumpstart get the opportunity to attend ActiveKids Play Space on a regular basis as part of their trips and excursions programme.

During this time teachers will allow children the time to explore and ensure they are having fun in a safe environment.

There is discounted charge of $20 per term for Jumpstart children to attend ActiveKids Play Space.

This will be added to your child’s account should you choose to take part (optional).

While the goal is to take children to Play Space on a weekly basis sometimes this may not be able to happen, teachers will ensure each child enrolled attends a minimum of 7 sessions per child per term. Please note this fee will also allow you to attend with your child outside of their Jumpstart hours should you wish.