Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


The curriculum document provides the ‘what and why’ for everything we do that involves the children. The teachers at Jumpstart believe that children’s interests should lead the educational programme. Therefore our programme is largely child-initiated and the learning experiences provided will be built on encouraging and supporting deeper learning relating to the interests and strengths that children bring to the environment.

We understand the value and importance of children working together to share learning and to take responsibility for the development of others, and will strive to ensure this takes place by encouraging social interactions and communication, and by providing group experiences.

Each child’s learning and development will be assessed through observations recorded as learning stories. Through this assessment we can develop activities that challenge and inspire them, and encourage the development of learning dispositions such as perseverance, patience, sharing and problem solving.

Children will be intrinsically motivated when they see that their learning and interests are recognised, valued and supported. Teachers see children as being competent and confident, and will regularly evaluate their own involvement and practices to ensure that this view is being supported.

Teachers will use a variety of teaching strategies to support children’s learning and development, and the environment will be flexible to allow for resources to be added or taken away to further enhance learning opportunities.

Our education and care programme is linked to the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Document ‘Te Whariki’.