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School Daily Routine

8.30am Centre Opens

Teachers welcome parents, children sign themselves in, put their bags and lunch boxes away and settle in.

9.15am Welcome Mat Time followed by Uninterrupted Free Play

Children are gathered together to discuss the days’ activities and programme. This is a teacher led time involving, story telling, music, dance and drama. Teachers use this time to inform and remind children about our rules and routines, and to have discussions about sun safety, healthy eating, respect for ourselves and our environment and other areas of interest.

Uninterrupted Free Play

Children make independent choices on where they play and what and whom they play with. Children are encouraged to participate in the planned, teacher directed experiences / activities are set up in various areas of the centre.

Activities include art and craft, water and sand play, dress ups and dramatic play, outdoor physical play, construction, music and dance, quiet play –books, puzzles and board games, science and technology, gardening and construction, and beginning numeracy and literacy activities.

Teachers interact with children while they play and learn, supporting social interactions and guiding behavior, providing resources, expanding interests, challenging thinking, encouraging, questioning, planning, enhancing curiosity, and incorporating numeracy and literacy practices.

Children are encouraged to tidy up as they play. Putting away equipment when they have finished using it.

10am Rolling Morning Tea

Children leave what they are working on, wash their hands and choose themselves something to eat from their lunch boxes.

10.15am Uninterrupted Free Play Continues / Classroom Programme

12.00pm Tidy up time followed by Lunch Time

Children are encouraged to be independent at lunch times. Teachers will support them to make good food choices, use their manners and take responsibility for their rubbish and lunch boxes.

12.30pm Mat Time followed by Uninterrupted Free Play

2.30pm Tidy Up Time followed by Afternoon Tea

3.00pm Mat Time / Home Time Preparation.